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Calming down the chaos

Our 5 Step Process 
Gather & Sort
Scan and Digitize
Backup & Relax
Apply Magic
Share & Maintain

Would you love your photo collection to be sorted, searchable, safe and ready to share with family and friends? Whether your photo collection has 1,000 photos or 100,000 photos, we have a proven solution that will keep you organized, allow you to search and find that one photo from years ago in just a couple seconds, secure your photos in case of fire, flood or computer crash and finally be able to share them with family and friends in a easy and beautiful way.


If you're like most, you have photos everywhere.  In our exciting digital world, we have the ability to take thousands of photos each year allowing us to capture so many memories.  But do you now have "soooo many photos" and it's starting to feel a bit overwhelming?  On top of that, you probably have years worth of photos in albums or frames all over your home from the pre-digital age.  And if you're lucky, you even have bins of loose photos and bins of old albums from your parents or even grandparents.  

You have a wonderful collection of memories but you never get the chance to look at them because they are in random albums, scattered loosely in boxes or worse, on old slides, negatives or film reels that are impossible to view in this day and age.  Would you love to be able to look at your collection more often and even share with family and friends?  Do you worry from time to time about their safety?  What if there was a fire or flood?  What if your computer crashed?  Losing all those memories would be devastating to most families.  Have you wished for years that you had your photo collection organized and safe?  Do you keep promising yourself you'll tackle it one day but just don't know where to even begin? So, another year goes by, then another.  Does this sound like you?  If so, we can help.  


We have a system that brings everything together in one nice, beautifully organized, searchable, safe and shareable solution.  Whether your project is large or small, we have a solution and budget for you.  Check out our 5 step process.


1. Gather & Sort

The first step is to gather all your photos, both printed and digital and bring them to one central location. Seeing this might be overwhelming at first, but we promise to make it fun.  We have proven steps to make this process easy, enjoyable and best of all rewarding.  Plus, you'll begin to get excited when you see all your memories start to come together, knowing one day soon they will be sorted, searchable, secure and easily shared with family and friends for generations to come.

2. Scan & Digitize


The next step is to scan and digitize. We offer full digitizing services using state-of-the-art, pro-series equipment. We scan according to the very highest industry standards right in our studio, always using our white glove service.  We care for your collection as if it were our own. We scan prints, slides, negatives, scrapbooks, old albums, and even your kids artwork.  When we are finished, you will have the highest quality scans, in industry standard formats that will future proof your beautiful photo collection for many generations.    

Photo Prints  *  Artwork  *  Slides  *  Negatives  *  Scrapbooks *  Video/Film Transfer

With so many options out there, backing up your photos the right way can be a challenge to figure out.  You may have some of your photos backing up to the cloud, but are you using the best service?  Do you have control over your photos?  Does your service allow you to keep the best quality image or allow you to switch services if you're not happy?  With so many options, how do you know what's best?  This is where we come in.  We have years of experience.  We use the industry standard 3-2-1 backup method (which we will teach to you) and know the best platforms to use.  Best of all, we can handle it all for you or teach you how.  

3. Backup and Relax


4: Apply the Magic


5. Create, Share, Enjoy & Maintain

So, now you have this beautifully organized photo collection with everything in one location.  It's sorted, searchable, and safe but how will you share it with others?  We can design and print a yearly family album for you and think everyone should do this!  But, what about a digital photo collection featured on a searchable, sharable family website including your own family crest or logo?  A beautifully designed website that houses all your photos from generations past plus digitally current.  A website that will allow you to create and share certain galleries with family and friends but keep most photo galleries private or password protected?  Or what about designing a custom slide show for your daughter's graduation?  Or a beautiful yearly flipbook that includes photos and VIDEO?  


We have so many ideas we are almost giddy.  Let us put you on a future proof platform so you can start enjoying those photos again.  Here are a few more examples:

Printed Scrapbooks  *  Digital Albums  *  Custom Family Website  *  Online Galleries  *   Many More

This is where the true magic begins.  Our average customer has close to 100,000 photos in their collection but finding just one can be a frustrating challenge. Now that we have all your digital photos, have scanned in all printed photos, slides, negatives and converted your film and old video, we are ready to apply our magic. Our pro series software allows us to add facial recognition to your photos, as well as dates, events, photo specific keywords and so much more.   

When we are finished, you will have a beautifully organized photo collection.  So organized, you'll be able to go to one location on your phone, computer or tablet and easily find that photo of your son many years ago in that "red jacket" standing on that "bridge" while eating that "ice cream" cone.  Your photos will be safe and secure for generations to come and finally be ready to share and enjoy!


Enjoy your photos again!


My name is Robyn Conley.  I've been a photographer for almost 21 years now.  In 2010, my family moved across the country to the great state of Texas.  On the day the movers arrived, I refused to put my four very large tubs of photo albums in the moving truck, insisting they figure out a way to fit them in my small midsize sedan.  They were the only memories I had of my oldest daughter and I couldn't let anything happen to them.


When we got to our new beautiful home, I put the tubs in a safe place while we unpacked.  I turn on the news and guess what's coming?  A hurricane, something we don't have or think about in the Midwest.  I knew right then I needed to do more to keep my memories safe.


I spent months researching.  I knew this was going to be a big project and I wanted to do it right the first time.  Through lots of trial and error, I finally have my collection beautifully digitized and am able to share with family and friends whenever the need arises. 


Through that process, because I actually enjoyed it so much, Pixel Promises was born.  Let me help you feel the calm I now feel.  I no longer worry about hurricanes, fire, flood or unseen disasters, ruining my beautiful photo collection.  I can find any photo I need in seconds and I have a collection of photos my family has so much fun looking at.  Best of all, I have a Legacy of photos to pass down to my kids.  If this sounds like something you'd like to do for your family, give us a call.  We offer a free twenty minute phone consultation and we would be honored to help you create your legacy. 


We pixel promise you'll be thrilled with what we can do.  

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