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Digital Photo Organizing Services

Photo Scanning Services Take the Work Out of
Copying Your Physical Images

If you have a lot of snapshots or other paper photos, you are likely to worry that something may happen to them. This is a valid concern: Paper photos are subject to fading and yellowing unless they are kept in very specific conditions. While you can preserve them for a longer time by avoiding the use of acid-containing photo albums and keeping the pictures out of the sun, time will eventually take its toll.

Photo scanning services come to the rescue by making a digital copy of each photo. They make sure to keep the originals in the same condition in which they received them, so you don't have to worry about damage. Once the copies are made, you receive digital images that are of far higher quality than a phone app or personal scanner can create.

While basic photo scanning services give you high-quality digital copies that are safe from physical deterioration, the ability to enjoy your photos requires more. Digital photo organizing services make your pictures searchable, allow them to be organized by date, and eliminate duplicates and duds.

To use our digital photo organizing services, first collect all of the pictures you have. These can come from any digital device, including PCs, phones (make sure to bring both your current and old phones), thumb drives, CDs and DVDs, and more. You can also drop off physical photos and make use of our photo scanning services to have them included.

Once we have all of the pictures, we'll back them up to multiple locations. Then, we'll remove duplicates and duds. Finally, we'll convert the images to industry-standard file types, add invisible metadata to make the images searchable, identify your favorites, and organize everything into dated folders. Contact Pixel Promises to learn more.

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