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Media Conversion


"My mother-in-law gave me tons of old video reels from when my husband was a child.  My kids would love to watch them but we have no way of doing that without a lots of equipment we don't have."

"When my daughter was first born, we used to record her talking on a small tape recorder.  We love listening to those audio recordings but I get worried because they are 20 years old.  Could that film break?

If you can relate, we can help!

Why do you need to scan?

How long has it been since you've seen those memories stored on your old film reels or VHS tapes?  Most clients no longer have the equipment to be able to enjoy their old movies.  But did you also know that those old mediums are deteriorating as the years go by? 

Over time, molds, mildew, and moisture will start to eat right through your film.  Although we have fabulous solutions on how to keep your memories as safe as possible, the only true way to keep them safe is to digitize them.  We can help you convert them to a digital file format that will never be obsolete.


We work with all formats including Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, Digital 8, DVD/CD, VHS and audiotapes as well.   

Examples of what we can convert


VHS Tapes


Hi8, Video8, Digital 8, MiniDV


Audio Cassette Tapes

Video Reels

A little about why we are different


We have many conversion techniques and will always provide you with the highest quality files available.  We always use protective gloves while handling your precious memories and care for them as if they were our own.  This isn't a job to us.  This is a passion.   

Best of all, you can come meet us, get to know us and feel comfortable having a relationship with the person working on your precious memories.  

We can work in our office, remotely or in your home, whatever works best for you.  Your very own Client Portal will allow you to see our progress and stay up to date because communication is key in our book.  We offer complimentary pickup and delivery within 15 miles.  We also offer a free 30 minute phone consultation as well. 


When you're ready or if you just have questions, let's chat. 

Text or Call 936-548-1478  ~  Email Us   ~   Book an Appointment





Enjoy your photos again!

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