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Thanksgiving Photo Tips

The holidays are coming up and I know you want to capture those moments and turn them into memories. Let us help with some Thanksgiving Photo Tips.

1. Remember that the moments start way before the party begins. Don't forget to capture photos of the decorations, the beautiful table décor and all your peeps working hard in preparation for your guest!

2. Get your "staged" photos out of the way, at the beginning of the evening! Many of us wait until the end of the night and that's dangerous for many reasons. Some guest will need to leave early and you definitely want everyone in your photo. But most importantly, you want people to relax, take off that uncomfortable sweater after dinner, change into that comfy sweatshirt and literally take their hair down. Getting the photo at the beginning of the night assures you've captured everyone's best moments, mentally and physically. Then, you, as the photographer can relax. You have your one, most important photo. Now the evening and the fun can begin. There will be more photos to come later in the evening, so don't worry.

3. Be creative. Stand on a chair to get a picture from up above. Get a new perspective. Maybe capture the toast, you don't always have to have faces in your photos.

4. Make sure you get a shot of the turkey. You worked hard on that bird! You will want to remember just how fantastic everything looked. Don't be afraid to get close enough that your mouth water :)

5. I've always felt uncomfortable taking a photo during the prayer but what a beautiful photo and memory to have. Proverbs 3:6 "Remember the Lord in everything you do, and He will show you the right way."

6. Here is where the real fun begins. Candid's! Now that the 3-4 formal pictures are out of the way, at the very beginning of the evening, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy getting silly and spontaneous pictures. These are usually our favorite photos of all. Capture your guest simply having fun, smiling that big smile and laughing that genuine laugh. Those are the photos you will look back at years from now that will bring back all the warm and fuzzy memories.

7. One last tip. Don't forget that you can use your smart phone! You don't have to have a big, expensive Nikon camera to create wonderful memories at your party or event. The camera on your smart phone is probably REALLY good and with a little practice, we bet you can capture some really fantastic photos. We will have many iPhone photo taking tips in posts to come so be on the lookout.

For now, good luck and enjoy your party!

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