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We are crazy for flipbooks!

I'm not one to brag but honestly, our flipbooks are AWESOME and I can't wait to tell you all about them.

Before you test it out for yourself below, let us give you a few things to look for when flipping through.

1. When you see a + sign, click it. This will bring up a larger version of the image.

2. If you see a quotation sign like this ", click it. This will bring up more information about the photo or page. You can use this space to tell more of your story.

3. Look for the video on page 11. It's fabulous how the video plays right on the page without having to leave the page and navigate back to it. You can play it in the small window or make it larger on the page (you might notice the video doesn't match the page. It's used an example only).

This is a small portion of one of the old scrapbooks I talked about in My Story. I scanned in every page of each one of my scrapbooks and made them each into a digital flipbook. My flipbooks can be viewed on my computer, viewed on my phone, shared on social media or sent to family and friends. They've been a huge hit with my two daughters as well. They are now 16 and 20 and have a blast looking back at photo of themselves as little girls.

We've created flipbooks for most of our customers and they are a huge hit!

If you'd like to work with us, schedule your free 30 minute consultation with us here.



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