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Digital Photo Organizing

digital images coming out of an ipad

When we are finished, ALL of your photos will be in ONE beautifully organized location.  They will be sorted in date order, keyword searchable, shareable with family and friends and safe from harm!

Our Process

If you're like most, you have photos everywhere.  In our exciting digital world, we have the ability to take thousands of photos each year allowing us to capture so many memories.  But do you now have "soooo many photos" and it's starting to feel sooo overwhelming?  We have a proven and unique way of calming down your photo chaos!  

gathering photos to digitally organize

Gather & Backup:


We will start by gathering all of your photos.  You'll want to think about all the places you might have old photos.  Here are some common places to get you started:  old computers, current computer, camera cards (don't forget the one in the camera), old smart phones, current smart phones, CD/DVDs.  What about those old thumb drives we often toss in drawers?  Oh, and think about any cloud services you might be using.    

Once we have all your digital photos in one location, we will back up your entire collection to multiple storage locations using our 3-2-1 backup system (which we will teach you).  

saving hard drive space

Duplicates and Duds:

Next, duplicates and duds will be removed, freeing up precious hard drive space.  You'll be surprised how many you have.  Click here to view one client example where we removed 43,678 duplicates and saved this client over a terabyte of hard drive space (that's a LOT).  Oh, and you will be charged after the duplicates and duds are deleted, saving you money as well!


organized photo folder structure

Sort & Organize

Now we work our magic by adding metadata*, and identifying favorites among many other exciting things.  During this process, files will be sorted, converted to industry standard file types and organized into decade, year, month, and day folders with beautiful and easy to find captions.  This will allow you to view and enjoy your files for generations to come.  Click here to view a sample organizing job.

If you're excited about the possibilities so far, keep scrolling.  You'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do with your new search features!


*Metadata is a fancy word for "describe".  Metadata describes or gives information about each photo.  Think of it as the who, what, where, when and why of your photos.  Metadata consist of things like facial recognition, identifying favorites, adding photo specific keywords, date adjustments and so much more.

custom family photo website on smugmug

Apply the Magic

After the magic is done, you'll have a beautifully organized photo collection.  So organized, you'll be able to go to one location on your phone or computer and easily find that photo of your son many years ago in that "red jacket" standing on that "bridge" while eating that "ice cream" cone.  How's that for organized!


If you're excited about the possibilities so far, keep scrolling through the site.  You'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do with your new search features!  Don't skip ahead but we will give you a hint . . . the "Fun Stuff" page gives you some pretty cool ideas :)

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A little about why we are different


We use a multitude of professional series software and industry standard techniques and equipment (only the best of the best).  Our process will not degrade or compress your photo quality.  We know best practices for insuring and maintaining the highest quality images and have some really fun ways to showcase and share your photos after the organization is complete.  This isn't a job to us.  This is a passion.  

Best of all, you can come meet us, get to know us and feel comfortable having a relationship with the person working on your precious memories. 

We can work in our office, remotely or in your home, whatever works best for you.  Your very own Client Portal will allow you to see our progress and stay up to date because communication is key in our book.  We offer complimentary pickup and delivery within 15 miles.  We also offer a free 30 minute phone consultation as well. 


When you're ready or if you just have questions, let's chat. 

Enjoy your photos again!

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