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Print Photo Organizing

archival storage box with organized photographs

When we are finished, your printed photos will be in ONE beautifully organized location. They will be sorted in date or event order, with keyword specific captions. They will be ready to share with family and friends and be much safer from harm in beautifully archival safe, generation lasting options!

Our Process

Clients come to us for all sorts of reasons.  Maybe you've inherited your entire family's photo collection dating back to the late 1800s and you want to know how to keep those photos safe.  Maybe you wish you had all those old photos on your computer or smart phone so you could look at them more often, even search through them easier.  Maybe you enjoy ancestry projects and would like to know who is in those old photos but don't have a good method of figuring all that out. If you can relate, we can help.  


Gather & Sort System:


We will start by gathering everything from loose photos to slides, negatives, scrapbooks and even those old magnetic sticky albums.  

Seeing all this on a table can be overwhelming.  You might be thinking, "how do I even start to organize all this?"  This might even be why you've put this project off for so long.  But don't worry, we have a proven and easy way to organize your photos in a systematic and even fun way.


We have several unique solutions to get your photos organized quickly, including the 2-Second Rule and ABCs method (which we will teach you if you'd like).  We even have solutions for all those magnetic & damaged photo albums.  

photos organized in archival storage box

Safest Storage:


One questions we get often is "what is the safest way to store my printed photos?"  We understand why it might be pretty confusing.  So many products on the market say they are "archival safe" but really aren't.  We will teach you best practices and industry standard methods that will secure your family's memories in the best way possible.  We want your memories to last for generations to come.

Digitally Safe:


Once your precious memories are beautifully organized, you can decide if you'd like to use our scanning services to make them digitally safe (which we will always recommend).  Digitizing your photo collection is the absolute very best way to keep your memories safe and will provide an endless list of fun ideas on how to search and share with family.  Click here to learn about our digital organizing or here to learn about so many fun ways to relive your memories after they are digital.  


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A little about why we are different


Sorting and organizing photos can be a tedious and overwhelming job.  For some, it can take weeks, months, or yes, years to get through it all.  We know because we've been there!  But after years of experience, we now have a proven method that takes a boring job and makes it fun while reducing the time commitment significantly. 


We always use protective gloves while handling your precious memories and care for them as if they were our own.  This isn't a job to us.  This is a passion.  

Best of all, you can come meet us, get to know us and feel comfortable having a relationship with the person working on your precious memories. 

We can work in our office, remotely or in your home, whatever works best for you.  Your very own Client Portal will allow you to see our progress and stay up to date because communication is key in our book.  We offer complimentary pickup and delivery within 15 miles.  We also offer a free 30 minute phone consultation as well. 


When you're ready or if you just have questions, let's chat. 





Enjoy your photos again!

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