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  • What is a Photo Organizer?
    A professional photo organizer will apply magic to your memories. We will take all your digital photos, prints, slides, negatives, albums and scrapbooks and leave you with a beautifully organized photo collection that is sorted, searchable, safe and shareable. So organized, you'll be able to go to one location on your phone or computer and easily find that photo of your son many years ago in that "red jacket" standing on that "bridge" while eating that "ice cream" cone. How's that for organized! Imagine having all your photos in one place, even those photos from generations past. Now imagine you have all of them in one place when you want to grab photos for that annual photo book you make. Imagine being able to search and find a photo within seconds. Or best yet, imagine having a family website with your family logo or crest! Or a beautifully designed and organized website you could have all your photos on. Imagine this website being able to store all your photos and being able to share certain photos or folders with family while keeping the majority of them private just for you. We have so many ideas, we are giddy! You may not have heard of a photo organizer until recently but you will be so glad you found us!
  • What is your Pinky Promise?
    When you need a serious commitment from someone, what do you do? Where can you turn when you really need to know that someone’s pledge is trustworthy? A Pinky Promise, of course! There’s never been a more legitimate foundation of trust. My kids are in their teens and twenties, and it’s still the most effective way they prove the depth of a promise. When I ask them to be deeply honest with me or to commit to doing something, everything changes when the pinkies come out. It’s the most super serious end-all-be-all of promises, and I know without a doubt they won't break it! Now that I’ve explained how seriously I take pinky promises, I want to extend that commitment to you when you trust me with your pictures. At Pixel Promises, we pinky promise to keep every pixel of your photos safe and to provide the highest level of photo organization services available.
  • Why should I hire you?
    I'm glad you asked :) I have years and years of experience working with and organizing photos. If you are like most of our clients, you've wanted to tackle this project for a very long time but haven't had the time, patience or know-how to get it done. I can take the weight of this large and very important job off your shoulders. I complete each project following the industries best practices using state-of-the-art professional series equipment in order to deliver you a high quality photo collection ready to be shared with generations to come. I'm also a member of The Photo Managers. The Photo Managers is an organization of professional photo organizers who's dedication and vision lands solely on the client (you). Members are provided continuing education, through training, resources, vendor partnerships and given fantastic sources for networking. The organization is a leader in the photo management industry. Being a member keeps us ahead of the curve when it comes to industry standards and best practices. All of this allows us to present you with a beautifully organized photo collection that is sorted, searchable, safe and shareable.
  • Why should I digitize all my slides, negatives, prints and albums?"
    You may not realize it but those boxes of slides, negatives, prints and albums are deteriorating over time. Especially if they are not in acid-free, archival envelopes and boxes (and just because it says it's "archival" doesn't mean it is). Digitizing those old analog mediums will preserve them for generations. You'll finally be able to enjoy the memories on those old slides and negatives you haven't seen in years. You'll be able to flip through those old albums but in a new cool way, on your phone or tablet. You'll be able to share your grandparents collection of photos with the entire family. And generations from now will be able to enjoy them before they fade and become unrecognizable and unfixable.
  • How do I even begin to organize all my stuff?
    If you are like most of our clients, you have digital files as well as boxes of prints, slides, negatives, and old albums or scrapbooks. It can be overwhelming to think about. Some clients want to tackle everything at once while others want to tackle their project in smaller steps. Regardless, I first suggest starting with the photos that are most important to you. If you're unsure where to start, I suggest we start with your digital photos. Your digital collection is the most vulnerable and at greater risk of loss. Phones are damaged or lost, hard drives fail, computers malfunction. Digital photos are also typically scattered around on old camera cards, thumbdrives and old computers where they can't be viewed and enjoyed. In our experience, the majority of photos in a collection are typically digital. Organizing digital photos, in comparison to scanning, is much faster. When you begin to see how beautifully organized your photo collection can be, it will give you a sense of calm and excitement as you continue to tackle each new step in the process. You will be amazed at what we can do.
  • How long will my project take?
    Every project is unique. A small scanning project might take just a few hours while a large collection might take days or weeks. We offer a free phone consultation if you'd like to discuss your project. We can give you a better idea during that call.
  • Who actually does the work?
    We are a small family business. There are many details and "jobs" associated with each project. However, Robyn handles all the digitizing. She has years of experience and knows the techinical best practices for converting all your analog mediums to digital. She is an expert in the field and uses state-of-the-art equipment and software.
  • How do you insure my privacy?
    Your privacy and trust in critical to our business and extremely important to us. Outside of our small business, no one will see or handle your images. And if you prefer only Robyn see your photos, then that will be the case. We have trusted partners we sometimes work with but we will always get your permission first.
  • Why should I hire a photo organizer?
    If you're like most, you have photos everywhere. In our exciting digital world, we have the ability to take thousands of photos each year allowing us to capture so many memories. But it can also begin to feel bit overwhelming. On top of that, you probably have years worth of photos in albums or frames all over your house from the pre-digital age. And if you're lucky, you even have bins of loose photos and bins of old albums from your parents or even grandparents. You love having all these memories but never look at them because they are in random albums, scattered loosely in boxes or worse, on old slides, negatives or film reels that are impossible to view in this day and age. If you can relate to any of the statements below, we can help. I'm worried about the safety of my photo collection. I have slides, negatives and loose photos that would be lost forever if there was a fire or flood. I know my photos are backed up on the cloud but are they really safe? Is that the best place to store them and is it storing them in the best quality possible? I'm running out of hard drive space on my computer. I know I have so many duplicate photos but I'm scared to start deleting in case I make a mistake. I don't feel organzied at all. I have photos scattered everywhere. I have digital files on old camera cards and old computers. I have family heirloom albums and boxes of printed photos from the pre-digital age. I wish everything was in one place and I could actually enjoy my photos. I feel like I have my photos somewhat organized but I can never find that one photo that I need when I need it. I want to be able to share my photos with family and friends but there's no easy way to do that. Most people have been promising themselves they will tackle it one day but don't know where to even being. So, another year goes by, then another. If you are like most, your printed and digital photo collection has just gotten out of hand because of our fabulous ability to take so many digital photos each year. But most people just don't have the time to tackle such a big job or have the means to do so. That's where we come in. We have the supplies, state-of-the-art and industry standard equipment plus years of experience needed to manage your photo collection in a safe and professional way. We have a system that brings everything together in one nice beautifully organized, searchable, safe and shareable solution.
  • How much will this cost me?
    Each project is unique so that's hard to say. However, during our free 20 minutes consulation, I will be able to gather information that will allow me to give you a good estimate. Although most of our clients want to tackle their projects all at once and in it's entireity, some want to break it up into smaller chunks to help with costs or their sanity. haha. We are happy to work with either scenario and go at the pace that works best for you. We have a solution that works with most budgets and we are 100% positive you will be happy and so glad you tackled this project.
  • Will my photos be safe with you?
    Yes! As soon as we receive your digital images, we make two backups. You will still have the originals, we will have a set of originals and we will work on the second set only. This insures you always have a safe copy. We've never lost a photo. And although there's only one copy of your prints, slides, negative, albums and scrapbooks, they will always be in great hands when with us. We handle every collection as if it were our own. We store your collection in a tight, sealed container, at least 24 inches off the ground. We use white gloves while handling anything in your collection and we typically don't pick up your collection until it's time to start the work so we have for only a short period of time. Because most old photo collections are stored and deteroriating in non-archival storage boxes and even in attics or basements, your collection is probably safer with us than at your home. In just a matter of time, your collection will be returned to you in safe archival, acid-free boxes, and beautifully digitized to enjoy for generations.
  • Does the computer platform or my camera choice matter?
    Not at all! We work comfortably with MAC or PC computers. We rely heavily on Adobe software products because they are the industry leaders and follow industry best practices but have a slew of other software programs we use as well. The best part is that our software choices don't tie you to any specific platform on your end. You will not be required to use expensive software to view or enjoy your new beautifully organized photo collection. Every families situation is unique. We have a great many options to explore with you. We will make recommations based on your specific needs. Our office and staff uses professional series Nikon and Canon equipment but work fluidly with any other brand as well. We also work with all smart phones and can convert any file type you send our way.
  • Can't I just do this project myself?
    Absolutely! We can even teach you how. Instead of us tackling the project for you, we can teach you how to do it on your own. Here are some things to think about: Tackling your digitial photos requires a very good technical knowledge of computers and Adobe softwares. If you are not proficient in these areas, we can still teach you, it will just take more time. You can scan photos and memoraliia on many products that are on the consumer market today but you will want to make sure you have the "right" equipment to get the best quality scans. This is a big job and you will want to make sure you do it right the first time. Professional series, industry standard equipment can get pricey but we can help you through those decisions as well. Oh, and something else to think about. Before you decide to do-it-yourself, ask yourself if it is about saving money or if it is about saving time. Doing it yourself can save you money but it will cost you in time. We can do in days what might take you months or longer. If you have time on your hands, choose the do-it-yourself model. Just make sure you are committed with plans to follow through til the end. :) In the end, you will want to weigh the costs (time or money) of learning, then doing verses us handling it for you. If you end up with a beautifully organized, searchable, safe and sharable photo collection you are thrilled with, we will be happy with whatever route you take!
  • I have my photos in the "cloud".   Is this enough to keep them safe?"
    This is a good first step but there are so many more questions to think about. Which cloud sevice are you using and is it the best one for you? There are many very popular cloud services out there that really just aren't the best option for most people, they just don't realize it or why. Is your cloud service storing your only copy of all your photos? You definitely want at least two copies of your entire photo collection (we recommend three). We recommend the 3-2-1 backup method. We use it in our office, on every client project we handle and teach it to you when we are finished with your project so you feel confident your photos are safe.
  • I'm still taking photos everyday.  How do I keep them organized moving forward?
    Don't worry. We will teach you or handle it for you. We provide a maintenance program. Once a month, once a quarter, once a year . . . you decide the timing and we will go in, grab your new photos and work our magic again. OR, let us teach you how. We offer 1:1 training on how to maintain your beautifully organized photo collection moving forward. Either way, we won't leave you hanging.
  • Let's do this!  What happens first?
    Once you decide it's a go, we will meet in your home (or virtually if you prefer). We will first gather copies of your images (digital, prints, slides, negatives, album and scrapbooks). We can gather digital photos remotely and pickup physical images using social distancing if preferred. During our first visit, I'll ask many questions about your family such as names, birthdates, special events, anniversaries, pets, etc. This will help us in the organizing process. You'll be surprised how much relief and joy you'll feel when I leave our first visit. Knowing your special project has finally started and knowing soon you'll have a beautifully organized photo collection makes most clients almost giddy with excitement. All you need to do is sit back and dream of all the way you'll be able to enjoy your photos again.
  • Can I schedule a FREE consult?
    Yep! Click here to schedule your Freeeee 30 minute consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

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