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Lets talk duplicates!

Let's talk duplicates!

We just saved one client over a TERABYTE of storage space on their computer by deleting more than 46,000 duplicate photos they had in their collection (see photo) That's a LOT :)

Is your computer running slow? Are you running out of hard drive space? Do you know you have duplicates but don't know where to find them and which ones to delete? This is a scary process for some. You definitely don't want to delete more than just the duplicates and you want to make sure you aren't deleting the high quality version in the process either.

If you're nervous about this process or just need some help, reach out to us. We have a proven and industry standard way of deleting those duplicates that is safe and fail proof. Think about what it would be like to have so much more room on your computer?

If you'd like to work with us, schedule your free 30 minute consultation with us here.



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