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Photo Ideas for Back to School


Back to School Photo Ideas

It's that time of year again. Do you struggle to get that perfect First Day of School picture? Here are a few tips from the pros.

1. Portrait Mode: If you find yourself with the perfect photo op but have a not so perfect background, use Portrait Mode. The bokeh in the background looks more professional and makes your beautiful subject stand out from the mess.


2. Do you struggle to get your kids to "agree" to this First Day of School photo? Try having this invest in the moment by creating their own personalize sign that they make on their own. Displaying their own artwork for the picture, just might do the treat :)


3. Think of ways you can make the moment and photo op different then the rest. If they are tired of the photo with a sign by the front door (that we all do), try catching them in their happy place. Maybe it's the first time getting to ride the bus to school. Maybe it's walking in the door to their new exciting school for the first time.


4. Or try getting friends involved. Kids these days love photos they can post on social media themselves. Give them a reason to want their picture taken. Step into their world for a moment and think outside the box. Just remember to shout out their name as you get the picture so you get their smiling face :)

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